Electric Sweat was founded in 2010 in Bad Ischl/Austria

Their music style is simply Rock`n ́Roll influenced by their role models AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Airbourne.

So far the band has produced and published their own single record and EP.

They are also represented on the worldwide known sampler compilation called "Wildstyle & Tattoo Music – The ultimate Tattoo Sound Part 1" with bands like Motörhead, Doro and Quiet Riot etc.

On this compilation you can hear a guitar solo written and recorded by Rob Holliday/The Prodigy/Marilyn Manson especially for their song.

In 2015 the band retreated from show business.

2021 the band was reformed in a new lineup and has recorded a 4-track vinyl single called "Sweat Soaked Rock’n’Roll."

In the same year the bass player Joe Hanson was replaced by Bammstl B
                                   WILLY WILSON ☆ BA-BAMMST ☆ CHEESY